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Vital treatments 2022


Balance vital facial treatment           

30 min.       €38

gentle cleansing, tonic, face massage, also with micro-peeling and caring smart cream on request

Harmony vital facial treatment          

60 mins      €65

gentle cleansing, face, neck and décolleté massage, if desired also with micro-peeling, nourishing face mask, vitamin complex application, light make-up, rest with a tea or cold drink possible


Revitalizing face and head massage     

30 min.      €33

brings back energy, perfect to start the day or to end the evening


Hyaluron massage           

30 min.      €39

a gentle face, neck and décolleté massage with hyaluronic acid gives you a refreshed appearance


silk glove massage    

30 min.      €36                           

stimulating and warming full body massage with a smoothing peeling effect

Ayurvedic massage          

60 mins      €69

Wellness massage with exquisite aromatic oils to increase well-being

Hot stone massage                    

with warm aromatic oil and warm basalt stones      

move  30 min.  €38

full body  45 mins  €53


Luxury oil massage          

45 mins       €51

The luxury of heated aromatic oil for lasting suppleness

Vital massages                       

relaxing or medical massage by arrangement           

move          20 min.      €24

full body       45 mins      €49

cancellation conditions

We request cancellations of appointments up to 24 hours before the agreed appointment.

Please understand that canceled or

Unused applications will be charged in full.


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