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"In Bad Laer the world is still in order", and so that it stays that way

we are actively committed to it.

The PIEPer's Landidyll Hotel has been since

December 2004 continuous operation for a combined heat and power plant started,

which was completely modernized in 2014. With him we can about 1/3

cover our total consumption in the hotel.

The economic and ecological basic idea of heat-controlled operation is to use the heat generated completely and, if possible, also to use the electricity on site. Unused electricity is fed into the public grid. In addition, the PIEPer's Landiyll Hotel obtains green electricity from renewable energy sources for the further electricity supply.


Water, one of the most important raw materials of all, is becoming increasingly scarce worldwide. We therefore try to limit its consumption as much as possible without affecting the comfort of our guests.

All toilet cisterns have a water-saving button.


In order to use as few cleaning agents as possible, a central decalcification system was also installed, which also protects the existing pipe systems. Disinfectants and toilet blocks are completely dispensed with.

regional cycle

Particular value is placed on regional and seasonal cuisine and the purchase of regional products. Short transport routes not only contribute to freshness and taste, they also help to positively influence the overall energy balance.

But we are also committed to the little things such as waste separation, waste avoidance and the use of energy-saving lamps.

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